Proper Piracetam Dosage for Optimum Focus and Intelligence

Piracetam Dosage:

In today’s market, there are lots of different types and brands of piracetam available. It is a GABA cyclic derivative nootropic drug which is found in under the group of racetams. Proper piracetam dosage will target the brain and nervous system directly, but without the feeling and symptoms of a sedative, or stimulant. Keeping your mind clear and focused.

The main purpose is to protect the cerebral cortex as well as the brain against lack of oxygen or hypoxia. Responsible for not only our thoughts and actions, the cerebral cortex also takes part in a vital role with human perception, movement, movement as well as reasoning.

With a through review of the latest user reports, documents and literature, the best advice for measuring piracetam dosages is as follows:

Using a piracetam dosage in a safe manner and reaping the full effects is as easy as taking 4.8 grams two-to-three times a day. Be sure you spread out each dosage evenly according to your day. More tolerant and experienced users should not take more than 24 grams in any 24 hour period.

What Are The Best Uses of Piracetam?

Many people that suffer from the movement disorder cortical myoclonus have been taking piracetam alongside their prescribed medicines. The piracetam helps subdue and control jerky leg and arm muscle movements and spasms.

Keep in mind that lots of people do not use this medicine to treat diseases. They administer it to help boost not only learning, but concentration and focus at low and higher doses.

This is the main reason why piracetam is widely known as a smart drug. Students and  business professionals alike use and have giving it much praise, in not only their work performance, but overall focus and improved brain function.

Many accounts of users report that proper piracetam doses not only helps their brain stay awake longer, but increases the ability to store and process much more information than before using.

Traces of piracetam have been reported even back in the early 1960′s. The more than impressive effects were noted when used for cognitive disorder treatment. Piracetam also is used widely for the aid in detoxing alcoholics and patients alike. The improved oxygen supply to the brain helped cope and improved the lifestyle changes of past alcoholics.

More research has found that not only does it improve brain function and focus, but is Piracetam Dosagealso a great way to boost and enhance metabolism. The thought of improving athletic performance on account of its hypoxia preventing actions and added protection of the cardiovascular system backs this up.

The added oxygen supply to the brain and nerves is also believed to aid in curing other health conditions that have resulted from Raynaud’s disease and Atherosclerosis.

It’s hypoxia preventing capabilities makes piracetam very useful in treating post-stroke patients. The long term care, and coagulation or clotting problems that not only includes Deep Vein Thrombosis but many other conditions can be treated and combated with proper piracetam dosages.

Lastly, piracetam has been recently tested and tried on patients who have been experiencing sudden hearing loss or deafness. Many have found that it helps them not only regain focus and intuition, but also regain hearing and perception.

With the recent advances in medical science, children and adults with the common attention deficit disorder can also benefit from this nootropic drug, because of it’s focus and oxygen boosting attributes.

How to Measure a Piracetam Dosage

Achieving a perfect piracetam dosage is different depending on your situation and what you are wanting to achieve. Many people take different doses depending on their lifestyle, work and daily routine.

With that said, a few common examples of dosages are:

-Very athletic or Bodybuilders will want to take it before working out or doing their physical activities. People in this category can take up to 1200 milligrams before hand, a large dose pre-workout or game.

-Students, office and desk work jobs that require lots of reading and concentration would want to space out their piracetam dosage to 400 milligram doses throughout the day.

Keep in mind, while people cannot physically overdose on piracetam you can overdo it. This depends widely on the individual who takes it and what their experience with and tolerance to piracetam is.

Before anybody takes a piracetam dosage, they should always check with their doctor first. There are certain categories of people that may not be able to take it, here are a few examples of who should not use piracetam:

-Women who are breast feeding or pregnant

-Individuals currently using other medications or undergoing medical treatment

-People with a history of allergies to medications

Piracetam is an unregulated supplement, if you fall into any of the categories previously listed above, you will be taking a big risk taking it, and is highly advised to not use. Below are a few more categories that should take caution before taking this nootropic supplement:

-Individuals that have kidney and or liver problems.

-Individuals that have Huntington’s chorea.

-Individuals who have had any brain hemorrhage history.

-Individuals that have blood clotting conditions.

-Individuals that have undergo recent surgery and or experience unusual bleeding.

Individuals who are taking piracetam to treat clotting, vasospastic or coagulation problems which include Raynuad’s and deep vein thrombosis, they will want to take anywhere from 4.8 to 9.6 grams of piracetam daily, split up into three doses, 8 hours apart from each other. Many people take more to improve their focus and cognitive abilities.

Because piracetam is water-soluble, it doesn’t stay in the body long and is expelled via urine. Likewise, it doesn’t have to be taken directly with food. Here are some tips that any user should do before taking this supplement:

-Carefully read the instructions and labels first most, before administering the medicine. The labels should include the correct dosage and side affects from the drug.

-Piracetam must be taken however your doctor approves. In most cases, a dosage will start with up to nine tablets taken each day. These nine are split into three doses, morning, afternoon and evening. Depending on your body type and tolerance some doctors may up your dosage in the first few weeks.

-Piracetam does has a bitter taste. It is advised to swallow the tablet whole, with water.

-Piracetam is also available in a liquid form, which would be more suitable for individuals who can’t take or swallow pills.

-Right after taking liquid piracetam, try to drink a glass of water or juice to clear your mouth of the bitter taste.

-To help stay on track with your piracetam dosage schedule, set an alarm on your phone, or simply take your dose when you eat your meals. Doing this will allow you to get into the routine of taking your proper dosage, after time it will become habit and easy to remember.

-If you happen to miss a dose,  try to take it right away or as soon as you remember. Then take your next dose according to your previous schedule to get back on track.

Common, Avoidable Piracetam Side Effects:

Piracetam side effects will vary depending on the individuals body type, activities and how the medication reacts to their body. Granted, many studies have said that you cannot overdose on piracetam because excess is simply excreted through urine, on the flip side other studies and individuals have said that it can lead to severe problems with blood flow. This can be especially true to patients who use the medication to treat blood disorders.

Piracetam Dosage

The brand of piracetam called Neuro-Boost, has made claims that there have been no medically recorded side effects associated with such medication. There have been very little cases of users experiencing headaches and or insomnia under the drug.

Recent studies have said that a proper piracetam dosage and choline work synergistically to achive a smooth neurotransmitter flow because of how choline helps restore lost neurotransmitters. It is also noted that choline can help reduce piracetam’s side effects.

Individuals should also keep in mind that piracetam has to be stored and kept well. It should be protected from direct heat and sunlight, as well as out of the hands of children and adolescents that can get into. Moreover, users should not share the medication with others that have not talked or seen a doctor first.

Piracetam Reviews:

There are many people that have not only have had positive results with piracetam, but have given many positive reviews about its benefits and increased productivity. Some key points that many people give praise for are:

-Non addictive drug

-Faster thoughts, reading, better discussions (social skills) and memory.

-Better stimulant than caffeine or adderall. Better concentration, when at work or school.

-Very low risks involved.

-Proper piracetam dosage is easy to start.

Here is a great video that has a user describe their experience with piracetam:

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Disclaimer: Anyone wanting to use piracetam should seek doctor’s advice and approval before taking it. They should never take more than the prescribed dose.